In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If I Had a Hammer.”

I would be Thor. Well, being an all-powerful God, with insanely good looks and a magical hammer and being portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, what more can I ask? Certainly, the best trade involving a hammer. It’s probably the only trade where I could actually lift and handle the hammer. Because, it’s magically tuned to me, Duh! But insane good looks and physique aside, I feel Loki is more my style than Thor. The God of Mischief!!! Now that’s a God with power – for we are our own worst enemies.

Anyways the trade I would love to learn is to hunt and/or fish.This is one trade I consider necessary for survival. If I can hunt, I can live. I can imagine a variety of scenarios where such a skill would come in handy – Zombie Apocalypse, a plane crash on a remote island or a shipwreck, wiping out of the mankind, WW III, exile…. I can go on and on. My favorite tool of the trade would be a bow and arrow. Though, it’d be cool to know how to set traps.

Come to think of it, it would be just the kind of life I’d want. A cabin, full of books, away from all civilization where I can live in quite solitude. Reading, writing, thinking, cooking. Basically doing whatever the hell I want to do without being disturbed by society. The only luxury I ask is a high-speed net connection. No, books are not a luxury. They are a necessity. Spending my days doing just what I want is paradise.

To learn hunting would first require me to get fit enough. It’s a arduous physical activity to say the least. And I being the lazy ass I am, have a long way to go. On my part, it’d need a change in my worldview and lifestyle. Yeah, it has to be that drastic. Somehow, there are always things with higher priority than exercising. I’d need to start exercising to be fit enough, to learn to be aware of my surroundings – every sound, every shift in light and I’d need sharper reflexes.

All in all, this seems like an activity to change me into a better person. Maybe I will put in on my resolutions next year <sigh>