Hello World!!!

This is Sia. Since this is a Hello World post, let’s keep it short.

So there are as many blogs on the Internet today as there are stars in the firmament. Why do I want to add another one to the pile? Esp since I am no expert at anything, not even at not being an expert.

Basically, it’s an attempt to structure my thoughts and burden you with some simultaneously 😉 Also, I hope my writing skills will improve. I am an avid reader and I feel I will get more out of my past and future readings if I write about them. I solemnly swear to try to write correct English – grammar, spellings(working on the punctuations). So if you are one of those people who can’t tolerate poor English, welcome aboard. Connecting with like-minded kindred spirits would be a most welcome side-effect. An improvement in my wittiness will be a bonus. And of course, bragging rights!!!

You can expect posts on tech stuff, about India & about lots of books. Occasionally you will be treated with a dose of satire(hopefully). I hope to write something about food once in a while and may be language, etymology, etc. Basically anything & everything that attracts my attention.

I gravitate to crazy ideas and experiments with alarmingly high frequency. So be warned of ramblings about these two. And maybe some experiment logs to keep things interesting.

I welcome critiques, comments, suggestions, hate mail, everything – just keep the words flowing in. If you are someone looking for a good discussion, I hope you will feel right at home. If you find our amenities lacking, just drop a word.

I hope a year down the line I will be able to write a 2k-5k piece half as good as the stuff I generally read. And maybe somewhere down the line I would love to be able to write a para as beautiful as Tolkien.

Good Reading!!!

Statutory Warning: You will encounter myriad book references, mooning over Tolkien legendarium & a healthy dose of sarcasm